The 12-week business coaching program that guides yogis into creating + launching their signature program, book soul-mate clients, and exponentially increasing their income online.

The walk into a 6-figure online yoga business is here...


You’re currently making between $0-$3K per month in your online business.


You’re here to elevate yourself, your clients, and the planet from your soul-based work.


You often log into Instagram looking for inspiration from other yogi entrepreneurs only to feel uncertain/unclear in your personal path.


You’ve had a taste of working with a couple 1:1 or group mentorship clients and you’re lit up to work with more.


You’ve experienced the occasional failed program/offer launch -- but it hasn’t stopped you from continuing to move forward.


You describe yourself as resilient and determined to be, do and have all that you desire within your lifetime.


You’ve done all the masculine strategy and you’re now ready to learn the feminine energetics to online business success.


You’re active on social media but it doesn’t lead to high-ticket sales of $1,000 or more.


You can feel your next financial milestone is right at $5-$10K consistent months.


You know your soul mate clients are out there and you’re excited to mentor and help transform lives.


You desire to have a signature program that you become known for and provides mind-blowing results.

You’re no longer available to play small, you’re ready for a quantum leap.

And most importantly, you’re ready to have the digital yoga business that’s pinned to your vision board.

Meet Sheridan

What was the experience like inside YBA? From fear of investing to coming full circle, listen to her incredible story and what's happening now!



I’m Seana (sounds like “Shawna”) and I founded the Yoga Business Ascension (YBA).

In a nutshell, I’m the former Director of Expos for some of the largest events in the Midwest — turned self-employed business coach.

While I LOVED marketing, branding, and sales, I knew I wasn't meant to live the 9-5 lifestyle so I said peace out to my cubicle back in 2015. 

My business journey began by working with clients on their brand identity which eventually turned into business coaching. Once I understood the process of hitting consistent $5K-$15K months, I began teaching this to other female entrepreneurs (CLICK TO LISTEN TO THEIR TESTIMONIALS) The fire was LIT and I became extremely passionate about helping women achieve exponential wealth and freedom.

Many of my clients, after working together, went full-time in their businesses and quit their 9-5 jobs to become wildly successful yogi entrepreneurs (see “CLIENT WINS” highlight on Instagram to hear from them)

Today after years of trial and error, I deeply understand that business is so much more than cookie-cutter strategy, it’s energetic alignment - which is exactly what I teach. 



I have found that Yoga Business Ascension (YBA) works best for: 

The yoga teacher that’s ready to become a coach by creating a signature program, book high ticket soul mate clients at $1,000 (minimum), and finally make their laptop lifestyle a reality.



Yoga teachers that are looking for in-person traffic to their studio. The YBA program is tailored for yogis that want to be completely free from a physical space. 


Meet Yogi, Emily P

"Next level integration of many years of study, practice, and entrepreneurship and finally releasing that hamster wheel feeling of not progressing effectively or doing enough. I stepped into full abundant trust mode through this process!"


Meet Yogi Natali, She Went From $0 to a $10K Launch!!!



The Yoga Business Ascension (YBA) is the last business program you'll ever need to take to scale your business to full-time status and beyond. This is the walk into 6+ figures.



During Week 1, you will completely understand the blueprint process of creating, launching, and scaling your online business to full-time $100K status and beyond. You'll level up like never before by hacking your productivity and time management skills. Procrastination and perfectionism don't stand a chance after this milestone! 



There’s a secret and a code to your brand and it’s revealed in your natal chart. Inside the milestone, you’ll uncover your most aligned brand, your business mission, your most expressed design aesthetic and so much more!



Should you niche or expand? You’ll bust through this confusion inside Milestone 3 as you’ll gain clarity and focus on who your soul-mate clients are, what they really desire from you, and how to grow your community on social media with absolute ease.



Prepare to fall in love with social media all over again. Inside this Milestone, you’ll begin calling in soul mate clients simply by the content you post on social. You won’t need to filter yourself or shrink down in any way - this is about unleashing the highest version of you!



The moment you’ve been aligning to - creating your signature offer! This is where you’ll create the most mind-blowing client transformational experience. Can you feel it? This is where the business you have pinned to your vision board becomes a reality. Soak it in.  *Everything* that you need to bundle and create your $1,000 (or more) signature offer is here.



Incredible coaching starts and ends with your soul-mate clients leading themselves. Leading themselves to your offers, through your programs, and ultimately through their finish line. In order to achieve this, you’ll unlock your unique transformational coaching style and technique that allows them to experience mind-blowing results!



Happy clients = a happy bank account :) Inside Milestone #7, I'm giving you a front-row ticket to the exact steps required for gaining lifelong client referrals and how to run an ongoing 6-figure business that works for you. Time, location and financial freedom ahead!

Meet Jess!

Jessica Made $9,000! Scaled Her Online Business + Took her Husband on a Trip to Celebrate


Meet Yogi, Emily

"I went from having NO CLUE how to show up on social media, to having a clear structure of what, why and HOW to do it to get the results I desired -- In a nutshell, this program helped me step into my power. Seana shined a light on me, gave me tools and structure for me to step into my higher self. This provided a container for me to grow and support in this growth process."


Meet Your Lead Coach, Seana

I'm a Cancer Moon & Sun with a fierce Leo rising -- so get ready to be loved and lead like never before! I care deeply about your entire holistic evolution while you're scaling your online business to new heights.

My Degrees + Certifications: 

  • Bachelor's Degree in Marketing
  • Minor in Advertising
  • 200 Hour YTT
  • Graduate of Spirit Junkie Masterclass by Gabby Bernstein
  • Graduate of Aquarian Business Academy by Guru Jaget

My street cred: 

  • I ditched my corporate 9-5 job and have been a full-time business coach since 2015. 
  • I’ve scaled my business using social media to hit $10K, $25K, and $50K+ months, and I will show you the same proven energetic strategies.

Fun fact: 

When I'm not working, you can find me watching anything related to space or the supernatural - the weirder, the better :)

Meet Your Accountability Coach, Stacie

Stacie is a Virgo Sun, Leo Moon and a Sag rising which in a nutshell, she’s got a heart of gold and through her loving yet action-oriented accountability support, she’s here to help you flourish -- especially when you feel stuck or need a little nudge to keep going. 

Stacie is here with you every single step of the way as you journey through each of the YBA Milestones. 

Fun fact about Stacie:

She loves anchovies on her pizza and she’s totally obsessed with listening to the Scooby-Doo series while she works :)


✅ We’ll give you proven systems & energetic alignment structures to accomplish your goals every single week.

✅ We’ll teach you how to make your first sale without spending any money on ads.

✅ We’ll support you with LIVE coaching 1x per week on calls, as well as unlimited daily support via chat. 

✅ We’ll equip you with aligned marketing & sales strategies to create predictable income in your online business. 

✅ We’re 100% results-driven - you get lifetime access to the material AND support. 

✅ We’ll teach you how to develop your interpersonal skills & mindset to overcome your mental blocks. 

✅ We care deeply for your inner fulfillment, purpose, mission, and entire holistic transformation. 

“I Learned Everything I Needed From Branding to Launching!”


Meet Yogi, Carol

"Once you have completed all twelve weeks, you will have a greater sense of clarity in who you are, what you are here to do, and how to make your dream life come true. You will leave feeling limitless, joyous, adventurous, confident, and with a newfound lust!"


Meet Yogi, Dylan

She Went from Youtube Burnout to GLOBAL Online Business Success



Are you a yogi spinning your wheels?

Are you ready to stop creating all the small offers ($15 - $500 range) and eager to pour your heart into *one* high-ticket program? 

Are you making under $50,000 per year in your online business?

Are you ready to go fully digital in your business giving you the freedom to work from anywhere, anytime making any amount you desire?

Are you eager to master your skills around energetic marketing and sales to start earning $10,000+ per month doing exactly what you love? 

If you answered YES to any of these, you're in the right place!

YBA is limited to **20 students only** to ensure that you receive the perfect blend of accountability and coaching. 

Yes, plan to set aside at least 5-8 hours per week to fully learn and implement the 7 key YBA milestones. 

Each week for the duration of the program we'll meet over Zoom in a group call setting. That's 12 total calls.

YBA is set up in a unique way in that during the first four weeks, you'll gain access to Milestones 1-4, and in the next 4 weeks, you'll gain access to Milestones 5-7. In the last 30 days, no other Milestones will open and you'll have this time to launch your signature program, collect sales over the phone, and hit your income goals.

The reason I use this framework is that you'll be launching your signature program while you're still inside YBA. This way I'm with you every step of the way. 

To ensure that you're hitting and exceeding each Milestone inside YBA, you will get dedicated homework assignments to showcase that you're scaling successfully. 

Seana is dedicated to your holistic success inside YBA which is why you get TWO coaches. 

Seana will be available to you Monday - Thursday via the chat portal to answer all of your questions. 

In addition, you also have a dedicated Accountability Coach that will be with you every step of the way to hold you to your vision and make sure you're exceeding your goals. 

Each week you will also join in the group coaching call where you'll get all of your toughest questions answered from Seana. 

Go ahead and fill out the application below. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! 

Incredible acceleration in your business! 

Here's everything that's included: 

  • 12-week container for business acceleration
  • 7 milestones of YBA educational curriculum (videos, worksheets, PDFS, scripts homework)
  • A dedicated Accountability Coach that'll track your success and ensure you're hitting your milestones 
  • 1x weekly Q+A group coaching call LIVE w/ Seana (12 total calls)
  • Full review your YBA homework submissions and laser coaching
  • Insane bonus content + surprises! 
  • Access to a supportive student community
  • UNLIMITED messenger support with Seana inside the  chat portal 
  • LIFETIME access to all program and material upgrades

Please review each of these below under, TERMS, REFUND, and PRIVACY POLICY on the bottom of this page. 

Yoga Business Ascension is an energetic, emotional, spiritual, AND financial investment.

YBA offers flexible payment plans and finance options to make this opportunity available to you which you will see upon filling out the application. 

While I *wish* I could guarantee results, I will provide you with everything you need to scale your business online but you will need to implement and take action on the work. 

“Im Leaving with my Signature Program Created, Clients Messaging Me, & Massive Confidence! I Loved this Program!"


Dylan Went From $0 in Her Online Business to $3,000 -- all From Booking 3 Clients!




Here's everything you get:

✔️ A 12-week business mentorship container

✔️ 7 milestones of YBA educational curriculum (videos, worksheets, PDFS, scripts homework)

✔️ A dedicated Accountability Coach that'll track your success and ensure you're hitting your milestones 

✔️ 1x weekly Q+A group coaching call LIVE w/ Seana (12 total calls)

✔️ Insane bonus content + surprises! 

✔️ Access to a supportive student community

✔️ UNLIMITED messenger support with Seana inside the YBA chat portal 

✔️ LIFETIME access to all program and material upgrades

Meet Yogi, Carol

Listen to her YBA transformation story!


Meet YBA Grad, Darla

Massive Boost in Confidence + Clarity by Finding her Niche


“Biggest Business Breakthrough was Mastering my Marketing & Sales Process - YBA will Take Your Business to the Next Level!”




Meet Yogi, Rachel!

Combining All Her Skills, Talents + Knowledge Into ONE Signature Program


Meet Bonnie

Bonnie's Studio Closed due to Covid and She's now Making $3,000 Single Sales in her Online Business


Meet Yogi, Kerrie

"I went from having no sense of direction in terms of my business to a solid plan as well as a foundation that I can build from far into the future! I had lost the mindset that I could run a business. That energy has totally shifted to one of excitement and confidence that I totally can do this! Highly recommend that you DO this! What you learn and the energy blocks that you will break through are beyond beneficial!"


"I Went From Only a Few Clients to a Fulltime in my Business!"



➡️ Are you a yogi entrepreneur that's sick of spinning your wheels online?

➡️ Are you ready to stop creating all the small offers ($15 - $500 range) and eager to pour your heart into *one* high-ticket program? 

➡️ Are you making under $50,000 per year?

➡️ Are you ready to go fully digital in your business giving you the freedom to work from anywhere, anytime making any amount you desire?

➡️ Are you eager to master your skills around marketing and sales to start earning $1K, $3K, $5K, or even $10K per month doing exactly what you love? 

If you answered 😊 YES 😊 to any of these, you're in the right place!


More Past Client Testimonials

Click below to listen to Seana's past client testimonials


Meet Yogi, Sheridan

Listen to her incredible story of transformation inside YBA


Meet Yogi, Emily


Meet Yogi, Emily


Meet Yogi, Leanne


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